Evening Walk

Sunset over Loch Leven

17th April 2019 We took an evening stroll and watched the sun set and the moon rise.  It was still mild and very pleasant.  It was lovely to watch the sun set over the hills in the distance.  

Lunch Time Walk

Inchree Waterfalls

17th April 2019 We took a pre-lunch walk to Glen Righ, near Onich. It is only 10 minute drive away by car and has a red squirrel spotting station although we didn’t see any on this trip and plenty of plants and lichens to see.  There were a group of people on the water fall, canyoning I think, […]

Tea at The Laroch

3 Goats Cheese Bon Bons on a bed of salad

16th April 2016 Another tasty meal enjoyed at the Laroch, just a hop, skip and a jump from Fern Villa.