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Home Improvements

Our local upholsterer came today and gave us a very reasonable quote for having the lounge chairs and sofas reupholstered.  They are going to be done in 3 different fabrics which will all compliment each other.  They are going to be done a piece at a time and should all be completed by Christmas.  Looking forward to having a brightened up lounge.

We are also hopeful that we will get a good quote from a gardener who is coming to see us next week.  We’ve had such a busy season that we’ve not had any time to work outside, apart from mowing the lawn, so we now have what we like to call a wildlife garden!

The new bathroom shelves have arrived so David just needs to get some special rawl plugs and a quieter day and ‘we’ can start getting those fitted.  We could not find any stainless steel ones anywhere so the new ones are glass and chrome.

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