Fern Villa Guest House Ballachulish breakfast Scrambled egg, smoked haddock, cherry tomatoes, chives, parsley

New addition to breakfast menu

We are always looking for new ideas for our breakfast menu and have been having a play around with different recipes using smoked haddock. After trialling a dish on one of our regular guests, which was thoroughly enjoyed we have decided on :

Scrambled egg with smoked haddock stirred through, add to that a few cherry tomatoes, pop it on a piece of wholemeal bread and top it with some more smoked haddock, chives and flatleaf parsley.

Updated our pre-order breakfast menu today and it will be handed out to guests on their arrival. Wonder who will be first to try it?

The haddock is bought from our fishmonger in Fort William and is not dyed. We’ve planted some seeds to grow the chives so hopefully these will be successful and we can have them all year round.

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