Red Kites

At Argaty Red Kite Centre you have the fantastic opportunity to watch red kites being fed.  Learn the kites incredible history – from persecution to extinction to reintroduction.

Summer tours (21st Feb – October 31st) begin at 1.45pm.

From November 1st – 20th February tours start at 1.15pm.

In 2021 a family of beavers that would otherwise have been culled was relocated to Argaty. This was a major moment of Scottish history – never before had beavers been moved from conflict areas to a new part of Scotland.  Tours run in spring/summer only (by autumn/winter it’s too dark to see the beavers!)

Red Kites can also be spotted in the skies while driving on the Black Isle.  Check out the skies if you are heading to Chanonry Point to see the dolphins.