Breakfast Bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon

Having Fun with Breakfasts

We are having fun coming up with ideas for new breakfast ideas.  So far it is a light bite option of a toasted bagel with cream cheese or scrambled egg with smoked salmon.

We are also trying to be a bit more adventurous with the Vegetarian/Vegan option.  I’ve made a small batch of Turkish Green Beans, for us to taste, which are a breakfast staple in Turkey and can be served hot or cold.  When we next go to Oban/Fort William we will pick up some Tofu and have a play with Scrambled Tofu.  I’m sure there will be some other dishes over the next few weeks.  Thinking about rosti and avocado and spinach dishes.

Living where we do it is vital that guests let us know before hand if they have a dietary preference as we may have to go into Fort William or Oban or even order over the internet to get certain items.




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