Old boat mooring ring on Loch Leven

Gentle Strolls from the Doorstep

There are a couple of gentle strolls from the doorstep which are pleasant to stretch your legs after your journey or after an evening meal.

We took the short stroll around the quarry last night.  It was a pleasant evening and we had it all to ourselves.  The ponds were likes glass so there were some nice reflections.  There are plenty of wild flowers, the photo is of Meadow Sweet.  The walk is suitable for wheelchairs and has a few picnic tables dotted about.  There are some interesting interpretive boards telling the story of the quarry.  Thankfully no midgies were about!

This morning before we started cleaning we went for a walk around the lochside.  Again there is an abundance of wild flowers.  We spotted some Canada Geese on the Loch and some Scotch Argus butterflies.  We were curious about a cracking sound we kept hearing, eventually we realised that it was the broom seed pods bursting open and scattering the seeds all around the area.  I picked a few pods and have planted them in a container, I don’t hold out much hope of them germinating though!  The walk involves a few steps down from the road to the river, other than that you can stay on a flat path or take the path along the shore line which involves stepping over a few tree roots.  There is a lovely flat rock which would be ideal for a picnic.  Will you be able to spot the site of the iron age hill fort Cnocan Dubh?

9th August 2020


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