One of the ponds in Ballachulish Quarry

Wonderful Ballachulish

On 28th April 2024 we will have lived in Ballachulish for 18 years.  I can’t quite believe that it has been that long and we can’t think about living anywhere else.  The village has a fantastic community with folk willing to help out no matter what is asked of them.  And fundraising events still shock me with £1000s being raised it would seem at a drop of a hat.   If it came to it we wouldn’t ever have to go out of the village as everything is here, shop, post office, doctors, dentist (well 1 mile away in Glencoe village), pub, restaurants, chippie, cake shop, hardware shop, cafe/gift shop.  And then on the mobile front we get the bank, library and fishmongers. We get our breakfast provisions delivered twice a week and the company delivers to Joe Public too, their motto being ‘from a croft to a castle’.   And not forgetting Abbeyfield the wonderful residential care home, maybe we should get our names down now!

Our children keep asking us when are you going to retire and move closer?  I quite often spend some time browsing for houses nearer to them but there is never anything that makes us think we’ve found the spot and when checking the crime figures for the area definitely stops us in our tracks and we say I really think we’ll be staying in wonderful Ballachulish.


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