Yellow Azalea

A few hours out in the sunshine

As all guests were stopping over we had the chance to make the most of the sunshine for a few hours.  We picked up a sandwich at the CoOp and pulled into a layby on the loch side en-route for a quick lunch.  Then on for a few more miles to Kinlochlaich Garden Centre.   It was lovely and warm inside the walled garden and lots of the shrubs were in bloom with plenty of bees and butterflies flying around.  We chose a nice selection of azaleas, rhododendrons and a pieris for the back garden.  We have someone coming to clear it for us in the next few weeks and he will lay a membrane and then we can put the plants in and hopefully it remain weed free! The azaleas and rhododendrons bloom in May so hopefully they will have settled into their new home and will give a colourful display.

On the way back from the garden centre we stopped at Cuil Bay and enjoyed watching the water birds for about half an hour before heading off back home.


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