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Rainbows, Red Kites and the Russet Hues of Autumn

We did the drive up to Golspie yesterday to collect our sack of newly ground oatmeal direct from the mill.  Although a long drive it is a scenic one and we enjoyed dozens of rainbows all the way up; so as you can imagine we were driving through showers and then sunshine, showers and then sunshine but each shower was short and sweet.  As soon as we turned onto the Black Isle the Red Kites appeared gliding on the breeze in clear blue skies, one flew really low in front of the car, we even saw some flying over the fields as we approached Golspie, we weren’t aware that they lived in that part of Scotland.  The whole journey was brightened by the amazing sight of the trees turning colour, we saw every shade of gold and red imaginable, a sign that Autumn is really here.

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