Loch Leven

Autumn in the air

On our walk this morning we felt Autumn in the air, although the low cloud had burnt off by the time we got home and there was warmth in the sun again.

We took our time and spent a while sitting on a rock at the edge of Loch Leven. We were awarded with sittings of an otter and seal in the distance and closer by there were swans, a heron and some small gulls. We were all startled when 2 typhoons flew low overhead banking sharply to head up Glen Coe.

The willowherb is nearly at an end with their seeds in soft silky fluff ready to take flight and populate another area. They are pretty but a nuisance in the garden.

The rowan trees are heavy with berries which may mean we will be in for a harsh winter. Punishment for such a glorious spring and summer! In England the row in rowan is pronounced as in row row row your boat however in Scotland the row sounds like row as in an argument.

The brambles still have a little way to go before they are ready for picking. We never seem to catch them at the right time.

2nd September 2021

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